Integrated Science Camp

June 10-15  Columbus
June 17-22  Wooster 
Have you ever wondered about the food you eat and the science behind it?

With an ever growing population and concerns over food security, there is a need for a workforce of talented young scientists who are able to think critically about the issues associated with providing safe, economical, and aesthetically pleasing food and fiber. This one of a kind science camp will engage students in the various careers in science, engineering and technology in the food and fiber industry that will be needed to face our world’s challenges.


A Camp Like No Other

This action packed week will be highlighted each day with a field trip to a different agricultural/food business followed by an interactive on campus lab activity (i.e. food science, greenhouses, meat lab).

Students will be challenged thru various activities to discuss current scientific issues facing Ohio and the world. Daily activities will engage them as they critically think thru such issues.
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