ExploreAg: a unique camp experience that explores innovative science, food and a variety of careers

The Ohio Farm Bureau Foundation believes an increased awareness of careers in agriculture will have a direct impact on the strength of the farm and food community, the security of food for the future, and the well being of Ohio. We believe strongly in inspiring innovation through the provision of programs that allow individuals to increase their knowledge of agriculture and understanding of available jobs and how to pursue a rewarding life working in a thriving agriculture system.

Working in partnership with communities to provide programs like the ExploreAg summer camp experience, we can serve as a catalyst to bring awareness to career opportunities in agriculture that will attract the next generation of scientists, mathematicians, entrepreneurs, and business and community leaders. 

Program Goals:
At ExploreAg, our goal is to develop future leaders and scientists for careers in agriculture. During each camp session, we will:

Introduce students from varied backgrounds, with divers skills and interests, to opportunities that will expand their knowledge of food, agriculture, and the sustainable use of natural resources.

Provide hands-on, cutting-edge, and scientifically rigorous educational programming that will challenge students to study and research the scientific nature of Ohio’s largest industry-agriculture.

Showcase the wide array of innovative, interesting, and rewarding agricultural careers that require training in leadership, communication, problem-solving, interpersonal skills, and research methodology and application.