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Biotechnology - Biowish Technology 

Custom Applicator (Manure Applicator) - W.D. Farms LLC

Job Description: Responsible for the application of fertilizers and pesticides to crops. Must keep accurate records for all those in the company they are work for.

Education: Commercial Application Certification required, Sign-up to Take the Test Here:

Average Salary: $32,298

Potential employers: Seed companies, farmers, self-employment 

Skills: Operate equipment, various application techniques, customer service, maintain records, knowledge of seeds, chemicals, and sprays






Research Scientist - National Agricultural Genotyping Center

Information about National Agricultural Genotyping Center - https://www.genotypingcenter.com/

Facebook and Twitter link: @NAGCLAB

Job description of a research scientist - Varies by speciality. Generally, jobs include research and development of new experiments to better understand the living world. An agricultural scientist may focus on research to improve food and product-based crops and livestock. Experiments can include a combination of field and laboratory work in a team of scientists. Data collection and analysis and attention to detail is critical. Research scientists must have great communication skills to present experimental findings to other scientists and the general public. Writing skills are important for producing study reports and grant writing for more research funding.    

Education needed- Bachelor's, Master’s, or PhD 

Examples of companies (agricultural and other industries) - All Major Seed Companies, Battelle, Universities, USDA-ARS, Livestock Industry

Check out this video from Ohio State University! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vdxia6nyYs0 
Swine Veterinarian

Veterinarians manage the health of animals. Food animal veterinarians monitor the herd health which includes biosecurity, prevention and diagnosis of disease. Check out the road map below! 


Becoming a veterinarian requires a doctorate in veterinary medicine. The Ohio State University has a great program. Check it out here: https://vet.osu.edu/

There are many skills that make a great veterinarian. Do your skills line up? 

Swine Operations Manager - Ohio State University Swine Barn 

Our Q&A was with Gracee Workman, Swine Operations Manager at the Ohio State University swine barn. Her inspirational story of perseverance can be read here: https://www.ocj.com/2020/05/gracee-is-my-name

The Ohio State University, College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences  has a great animal science program! Take a tour of west campus below:


Interested in animal science?  The career opportunities are endless! Take a look at this amazing list: https://ansci.osu.edu/undergraduate/internships-career/career-services

Ohio is the eighth-largest pork producer in the U.S. at 1.1 billion pounds produced! Watch the video below to get an idea of the careers needed in Ohio’s pig industry. 


Meat Science Professor - Dr. Lyda Garcia 

Livestock Farm Manager - Wuebker Farms

Farm managers maintain the facilities and manage the farm operations. Operations include keeping animals healthy, hydrated, and nourished.  Farm managers keep barns and pens clean and maintain healthy living conditions. Some livestock farmers also supervise animal breed programs. 

 Check out this video on their website to get a sneak peek inside a pig barn. 


Does the thought of working on one of Ohio's pig farms excite you? Ohio's pig farmers are looking for hard workers on their farms - no agriculture background required. After working in an entry-level position on one of Ohio's pig farms, you could have the opportunity to work in livestock farm management one day!

Check out ohioporkcareers.org for amazing opportunities!

There are many skills that make a great farm manager. Do your skills line up? 

Agricultural Education Panel Discussion 

Becoming an Agricultural Educator requires a Bachelor's Degree. There are great programs at Ohio State - College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences , Wilmington College , and Central State University

Check out the Central State University information here! https://centralstate.edu/academics/education/ag-ed/?fbclid=IwAR1Sqh_DCRk-vnABSfO-n80_SUmXwchSsTJZl4wmYePaJW5W-LWWe5OLiII

Why teach ag? Check out this website for video and more information! https://teachagohio.org/why-teach-ag/?fbclid=IwAR3G1Su2u5FhJ2Eq0ltohokQDs3GltkABPrZs5tgSkYLKUy_sNfALwWdyOc

FFA is an important organization that furthers the mission of agricultural education in Ohio and the entire country. Learn more: ohioffa.org

Meat Scientist - Certified Angus Beef LLC

Meat science is the study of meat, including harvesting, fabrication, processing, product development and food safety. Career opportunities may include the following: meat scientist, meat grader, food safety inspector, corporate chef, sales and marketing associate, quality assurance inspector. Check out this interactive tour of The Culinary Center at the @CertifiedAngusBeef brand main office! 


Careers in meat science require further education. While there are many institutions to pick from, Ohio State University has a great program. See the attached document for more information! 


In 1978, a group of family farmers and ranchers developed the @CertifiedAngusBeef brand to provide people with exceptional Angus beef. Thanks to 10 quality standards, the brand still stands today as the very best Angus beef available, backed by the many members of the American Angus Association.

The average salary for an agriculture and food scientist is $65,160. There are many skills that make a great meat scientist. Do your skills line up? ​​​​​​​

Production Brand Manager - Certified Angus Beef LLC

Information and resources:
​​​​​​​When farmers and ranchers in 1978 gathered to create a brand of Angus beef that beat all expectations, they had no idea that in 2020, that brand and its 10 science-based specifications would remain as the original and very best brand of Angus beef. We’re talking about the @CertifiedAngusBeef brand. You can learn more about the brand and its mission on CertifiedAngusBeef.com.

There are many unique opportunities to work closely with farmers and ranchers to increase the efficiency of farming operations by sharing knowledge, current research, and resources for best practices. Take a virtual field trip of a beef farm to learn more about raising cattle in Ohio. https://www.facebook.com/CertifiedAngusBeef/videos/273976140646958/

Many jobs in animal science require further education. There are many institutions where you can gain this knowledge. One example is The Ohio State University. The courses give you the unique opportunity to specialize your degree to focus on beef. Ohio State’s ATI campus has a state-of-the-art beef handling system. Watch this video to get a look into a day in the life of an ATI student! https://ati.osu.edu/videos/day-in-the-life-ati-student

There are many required skills that make a great employee in the field of animal sciences. Do your skills line up? 


Information and resources :
Agronomy is the science of soil management and crop production. There are an amazing amount of various career opportunities for agronomists. Learn more by watching this video!

Agronomists work with farmers to increase the efficiency of farming operations by sharing knowledge of current research on best practices. What are some other responsibilities of an agronomist? Check out this link below for a full career background.

Agronomy is such an interesting career! A bachelor’s degree is often required to be successful. The Ohio State University has an amazing program for agronomy. 

​​​​​​​There are many potential employers for agronomists like Cargill, Beyer, Cooperatives, Ohio State Extension, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Natural Resources Conservation Services (NRCS), and many more. 

Check out company websites to learn about career opportunities. You can also use search engines like https://www.agcareers.com/ to look for companies that are hiring. 

Agronomy could be the industry for you if you have some of these skills! Do your skills line-up with an agronomist?